Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Biblical Studies


Bible from 1407, Malmesbury
Abbey, England.

Foundational to Dominican academic formation since its earliest days, Biblical Studies is rooted in the two primary fields of study: Sacred Scripture and the Commentary on the Sentences. Taken as a whole, the field covers Jewish and Christian canonical, deuterocanonical, and extra-canonical scriptures as well as the background literature of early Israel, biblical and postbiblical Judaism, and early Christianity. Method prioritizes the critical study of primary texts and the ability to read them in their original languages.

Old Testament Studies

Focusing on the scriptures and literature of early Israel, biblical and post-biblical Judaism, and early Christianity, Old Testament studies integrates contemporary research and critical methods with literary and hermeneutical approaches to explore the interface between biblical studies and biblical spirituality.

Core Courses and Faculty

Pentateuch and Former Prophets (OT-2100), Barbara Green, OP
Basics: Bib Studies & Spirituality (BSSP-1066, 67, 68), Barbara Green, OP
The Gospel of John (NT-2251), Barbara Green, OP
Intermediate Hebrew (BS-2002), Barbara Green, OP
Wisdom/Writings (OT-2608), Barbara Green, OP
Intro to New Testament (NT-1003), Barbara Green, OP
Biblical Prophets (OT-2146), Barbara Green, OP 

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