Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology
This event happened on: Friday, November 13, 2015, 9:00 am
DSPT, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA 94708

Virtual Visit to DSPT

Haven't been able to visit our campus?

Virtual Fair Schedule

10 am - 10:30 am  Information Session

Fine Arts in the Dominican Tradition - Come join Fr. Chris Renz, OP, for a closer look at the Religion and the Arts and Sacred Arts areas of concentration in the MA Theology program. There will be time for Q&A afterwards. (Faculty Chat Room)

10 am - 3 pm   Admissions Chat

Speak to an Admissions Professional

10:30 am - 1:00 pm  Faculty Chat

Fr. Chris Renz, OP, Academic Dean, Religion and the Arts Faculty (10:30 am - 11 am) 
Fr. Augustine Thompson, OP, Philosophy Chair and Professor of History (11:00 am - 12:30 pm)
Fr. Michael Dodds, OP, Professor of Philosophy and Theology (11:00 am - 1:00 pm)

10:30 am - 2 pm  Student and Alumni Chat

10:30 am - 12 pm Current Students

Chrystyn Mannocchio-Noble, MA Philosophy
Jim McDonnell, MA Theology, Concentration in History

12 pm - 2 pm Alumni

Manuel Nikel-Zueger, Concurrent MA Option, Concentration in Systematic and Philosophical Theology, 2015
Megan Furman, Concurrent MA Option, Concentration in Aesthetics, 2014

In addition to our school, 13 other Bay Area graduate schools will be available for virtual visits on that day so make sure to search for Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology or under the subjects Philosophy or Theology.

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