Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology

Chris Renz, OP Receives John Templeton Foundation Award

Published: October 02, 2015

From the Press Release of John Carroll University:

Announcing $10,000 Awards for the Development and Delivery of Science Courses in U.S. Seminaries

In response to directives from papal and other official documents of the Catholic Church encouraging scientific literacy in the formation of seminarians, the Planning Team of the Science in Seminaries initiative at John Carroll University (University Heights, Ohio) is pleased to announce a $10,000 award, made possible through a grant from the John Templeton Foundation, to the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology for a course entitled “Liturgical Piety: Anthropological Foundations of Catholic Worship” to be taught by Christopher Renz, O.P. Fr. Renz is among fifteen recipients who participated in a national competition among faculty at Catholic seminaries for the grant award. For more information about the award please visit the website .

The New DSPT Course in Sacred Arts

The course will be offered in Spring 2017 at DSPT, and bring together information from an exciting new field of scientific investigation called “neuroaesthetics.” The course is designed to help seminarians and priests explore the historical, philosophical and biological aspects of the meaning of “conscious and active participation” by the laity in Mass. Students will learn how the natural ability of the human person to grasp and comprehend experiences of mystery, especially as manifest in natural beauty and the fine arts, impacts our participation in the Paschal Mystery.

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