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Non-Degree Options

Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) 

Are you interested in studying theology but not seeking a graduate degree? Our CTS option is designed for students who wish to engage in systematic theological study to enrich their understanding of the Catholic tradition and its application to the contemporary world. Students can complete their certificate while deciding whether to pursue the MA degree. The CTS is ideal for educators, catechists, parish ministers, deacons, working professionals and many others. Students come from all over the world to enter our certificate program and typically complete it within a year. Check out our areas of concentration and course offerings

Take a Course For Personal Enrichment - Special Student Status 

DSPT is committed to offering high-quality, graduate level courses for qualified students who have been away from academics and want to renew their skills, or who are seeking personal enrichment. You can apply as a special student if you aren't interested in pursuing a degree or have not yet decided on a program. Check out our course offerings

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Dominican Novitiate Study Program

This year-long program of study is required of all members of the Western Dominican Province and its affiliates as part of the canonical novitiate year. The introductory courses provide novices with a basic foundation in the history and tradition of the Order of Preachers, the liturgy of the Catholic Church, ... This preparatory program is required of all friars who wish to enter other programs of study in either philosophy or theology at DSPT. All men who are applying to the Western Dominican Province must apply to this program once they have been accepted into the novitiate. Applicants will work with the Vocation Director of the Province and the Admissions Office of DSPT to complete the admission requirements.

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Non-Degree Program Benefits

Always refer to the Student Handbook for program details. 


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