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Student Handbook


DSPT Application for Admission
Letter of Recommendation Form  
Admissions Requirements
DSPT Housing Application 
Scholarship Grant Application
Student Payment Plan Application 
In-School Deferment Request  


Orientation Checklist 
Student Contact Information Form - Downloadable PDF
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Orientation Packet 
Student Initial Self Evaluation 
Consent to Release Grades and Transcript  
Consent to Appear in Photos and Video


GTU Registration Information and WebAdvisor Instructions
Change in Enrollment
Petition for a Leave of Absence from Program
Petition to Withdraw from School 
Policy on Leave of Absence and Withdrawal from School 
Special Reading Course Form
General Petition
Petition to Transfer Credits
Petition to Take an Incomplete
Alumni Scholars Registration Form

Manage Your Program

Formation Documents of the Order of Preachers
Portfolio Checklist 
Research Readiness Paper (RRP) Review Form  
3-Year Course Schedule for Theology   
MAPh Course Requirements Checklist
Concurrent MAPh/MATh or MAPh/GTU MA Program Requirements Checklist
MATh Program Requirements Checklist
MDiv Program Requirements Checklist (includes the Concurrent MDiv/MATh)
MDiv Exam Diaconate Study Guide  
MDiv Exam Faculties Study Guide  
MDiv Exam Priesthood Study Guide
CTS Program Requirements Checklist
CTS Completion Checklist
MTS Program Requirement Checklist
MTS Course Layout
Statement of Intent to Complete CTS 
Rubrics for Institutional Goals  

MAPh Exam Option

MAPh Exam Grading Form  
MAPh Capstone Paper Evaluation Form
MAPh Colloquium Evaluation Form

MATh Exam Option

MATh  Examination Petition
MATh Exam Grading Form


Navigating Through the MA Program 
MA Thesis Proposal Guidelines 
MA Thesis Proposal Petition  
MA Thesis Defense Scheduling Form
MA Thesis Defense Form 
MA Thesis Review Form 
MA Thesis Library Guidelines
Library Thesis Format Approval Form  
MA Thesis/Exam Filing Extension Agreement Form


Graduation Checklist 
Statement of Intent to Graduate
DSPT Transcript Request 

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