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2018-19 Tuition & Fees (effective July 1st, 2018)

$750 per unit for all DSPT programs.  Full-time status is 12 units ($9,000).  Most courses are 3 units.

Continuing Student Flat Rate: Students who have fulfilled the tuition residency requirement but have not completed all program requirements enter “continuing registration” status. They pay a flat tuition rate (regardless of the number of units for which they registered) each semester. The 2018-19 continuing tuition rates are $4,500 per semester. Other student fees are not affected. Refer to the Student Handbook for details regarding your particular program. 

Refund Policy: A full tuition refund will be granted to students who drop a course by the Friday of the second week of the semester.  A 50% tuition refund will be granted to students who drop a course after the Friday of the second week of the semester but no later than the Friday of the fourth week of the semester.  No refund of any amount will be made for units dropped after that time.


Graduation: $100
Student Activity / Campus Technology: $50 per semester
Thesis filing : $54
Transcript (each): $10 (effective July 1st, 2017 the transcript fee will be charged for every official transcript request from students and alumni)
Add / Drop Course: $50 per change (an additional fee may be charged by UC Berkeley for dropping a UCB course after the second week of classes)
Student ID or Library Card Replacement: $15
Leave of Absence: $100 per semester
Reinstatement: $150
CTS certificate completion fee: $50



Auditors must register and pay regular tuition and fees. DSPT students in degree programs, as well as non-degree programs, may audit one course per semester free of charge if enrolled full-time as follows: 12 units taken in the Fall semester allows for one free audit in either that semester or the next following January Intersession; 12 units taken in the Spring semester allows for one free audit only in that semester. DSPT Alumni may register to audit one course per semester for a fee of $250 (Alumni Scholars Registration Form). Participants will receive no grade and no transcripts will be generated. Free audits cannot be accumulated. No academic credit is earned. Audit status requires faculty permission and is not available for all courses.

Other Information:

  • Tuition and fees will be invoiced on the Monday after the late registration period ends.  Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice date.
  • Students enrolled in six (6) or more units are eligible for a monthly payment plan option (application due last day of registration).
  • Refer to the Student Handbook for information about DSPT Tuition Residency Requirement and Continuing Registration Status

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To pay tuition:

  • Pay by e-check or credit card in Populi
  • Put check in Ian Brooks' mailbox in DSPT reception area
  • Mail to DSPT, 2301 Vine Street, Berkeley, CA 94708 c/o Ian Brooks


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