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DSPT is engaged in a rare dialogue with ancient, medieval, modern wisdom, seeking to renew the relationship between philosophy and theology in order to transform the contemporary world. As a historic Dominican institution, we aim to convert hearts and minds by preaching the truth discovered by human reason and revealed in the Gospel. 





We are a community of scholars committed to the study of both philosophy and theology, which we view as complementary forms of knowledge, as did our exemplars, St. Albert the Great and St. Thomas Aquinas. In our Dominican tradition, philosophy is a necessary pursuit which allows us to understand the intelligbility of God's revelation. Since the 13th century, the Dominican order has equipped Catholics to engage the vast Western philosophical tradition, which illumines the practice of theology. Thus, unlike a majority of graduate schools, DSPT integrates our departments of philosophy and theology, encouraging faculty and students to engage both disciplines as part of a single conversation, attentive to the fullest range of truth. As our students become masters of each discipline, they develop the ability to think and reason from “first principles,” which allows them to engage contemporary thought charitably and critically. Our search for wisdom is driven by a singular conviction: that the truth can be known, and that pursuit of the truth is the highest human vocation, a vocation in which we become our fully ourselves.

The study of philosophy is not that we may know what men have thought, but what the truth of things is. - Thomas Aquinas

Our students engage the entire philosophical and theological tradition without any gaps. Thus, each program and class is organized in a historical and sytematic manner, so that we are always in conversation with the rich heritage of the past and the pressing concerns of our contemporaries. We investigate primary texts with rigor, encourage lively debate, and want our students to arrive at decisive judgement as they weigh arguments within the theological and philosophical tradition. Immersed in a learning environment that encourages original insights in a non-competitive setting, our students develop the virtues of integrative thinking, intellectual humility, and self-direction. Upon graduating, our students have been formed in a pedagogy that is comprehensive, systematic, and integrative. With this formation, our students cultivate habits of thought and action that develop virtue and flexibility in the face of our society's questions and challenges. Contemplate the truth. Engage the tradition. Transform the culture.


Why DSPT? Why Now?

  • Founded in 1932, DSPT is a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition; cutting-edge in its historical contribution to the academic world, in dialogue with contemporary trends in philospohy and theology and confident of the value of the Church's tradition.
  • At DSPT lay students and friars study side-by-side in a rigorous intellectual formation rooted in the thought of Thomas Aquinas. We embody the genius of the medieval university: integration of intellectual and spiritual life. 
  • DSPT offers the distinctive Concurrent MA, in which graduates study philosophy and theology for three years and graduate with two MA degrees in each subject.
  • Our faculty are leading scholars in their fields of expertise, united in their Thomistic vision of integrating philosophy and theology and possessing some of the highest and most distinguished honors in Dominican teaching.
  • Our graduates are regularly accepted to top doctoral programs in North America and Europe. Among recent MA graduates, 90% of applicants to doctoral programs were accepted.


  • DSPT is a member of the renowned Graduate Theological Union, a consortium of Bay Area theological schools, which allows us to offer all of the resources of a large university with the rare and unique qualities of a small school.
  • Students have access to classes, faculty, and resources at the University of California, Berkeley, offering opportunities for courses in languages, classics, late antiquity, philosophy, literature, and more.
  • The Flora Lamson Hewlett Library at GTU affords students the largest collection of theological titles over 529,000 volumes - in the Western United States, as well as cutting-edge research resources and expert librarians.
  • DSPT offers very affordable housing options in both Berkeley and at historic St. Albert Priory in Rockridge, the house of formation for the Dominicans.
  • Our school is located in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, home to some of the richest cultural, artistic, religious, and culinary life in the world. 


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DSPT Faculty Areas of Interest

Our faculty are committed to a life of Thomistic intellectual inquiry. Their expertise is highly interdisciplinary and their research is cutting edge.

Syllabi and Course Information

Our faculty offer a wide variety of courses at the intersection of philosophy and theology. See what classes we are offering.

Bay Area Location

The San Francisco Bay Area is unparalleled in its rich cultural diversity and natural beauty. It's also packed with academic adventures.

Opportunities at GTU and UC Berkeley

Take courses and work with professors from UC Berkeley and The Graduate Theological Union

Study Abroad

Experience the historic Dominican centers of education. Students can participate in international opportunities at the Angelicum, Blackfriars and more.

Campus Events

DSPT is a vibrant academic culture. We regularly host lectures, colloquia and presentations that complement our curriculum.

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